Mai'da is on the verge of expansion. To fuel the growth of our new "mai'da delivery outlets" called "Maida Express",  we are looking for entrepreneurs and individual with business acumen and a successful track record of running or managing similar business, preferably restaurant, retail or leisure.

  We are looking for individuals who can invest from £75,000 to £100,000 of their own money, and have the capablity to open multiple outlets from year one. And have the ability and managment skills to open upto to five outlets. Combined with the above financial requirement it goes without saying, that there should be a strong belief in our brand and value of  Mai'da ethos. For further information please get in touch and tell us why you would like to be part of the Mai'da brand.

Please contact us for further information.


MAIDA (BLACKBURN) IS NOW CLOSED. Maida London Open For Deliveries & Takeaways Only.
12pm to 11pm All Week.

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